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Open Circuit Cooling Towers

Open circuit towers, there is a direct contact between cooling water and air that passes through the heat exchange filling. This direct contact is that makes the open circuit towers in the most economical and efficient way of all the possibilities of cooling provided by the market.

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Cooling towers where the fill has been replaced by a coil of smooth tubes, through which circulates the fluid to be cooled. A second circuit, assisted by a small pump, built-in to the unit, collects water from the tower basin and distributes it over the coil.

Evaporative Condensers

Energy efficiency in refrigeration plants, especially in the ones of considerable size, will not be understood without the evaporative condensers. By its own principle of operation, evaporative cooling, achieved condensation temperatures lowers than with the rest of condensation systems.

Dry Coolers

Our dry coolers series have been designed to offer equipment with reduced maintenance and a long service life, above all in industrial applications.

Adiabatic Systems

Adiabatic systems, thanks to a pre-cooling of the air, achieves temperatures lower than traditional of heat reject systems through air.