Cooling towers with centrifugal fan and closed circuit. Series RMC models range from 32 to 1.075 kW nominal. With low noise centrifugal fan, for air conditioning applications mainly,

Made of sheet metal galvanized steel or stainless steel with centrifugal fans driven by belts transmission. 

The closed circuit towers allow, directly cooling fluids other than water, such as oils, oily emulsions, water glycol, chemical solutions, or simply pure water.

By its own operation, there is a direct cooling, unlike the combination of open circuit cooling tower + heat exchanger, closed circuit towers enable obtain output temperatures lower, given that avoids a double heat exchange. The evaporative cooling process is therefore fully exploited.

Exchange coil

Exchange coil

The exchange coil is made of prime quality steel pipe, thickness 1.5 mm, are submitted to strict high pressure tests. The coil is galvanized later on by dipping in melted zinc. The zinc deposit is superior at 80 microns (600 grs/m2), which grants an unlimited protection.

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans that they have as a main characteristic the installation flexibility and maintenance easiness. This type of devices can be installed indoors, with a duct air discharge. Easily access to the elements that requires maintenance.

Less power

The use of a single fan (two in the biggest models case), of proportionate diameter to the magnitude of the equipment, it allows inferior installed powers capacities to other equipments with multiple fans.

batería de intercambio

Cooling coil formed by prime quality continuous serpentine smooth tubing, thickness 1.5 mm, bent and afterwards individually tested with air to high pressure under water, which ensures a rigorous tightness. The serpentines are assembled with the interposition of steel elements as spacers stiffening the unit.

The headers are provided with fluid inlet/outlet connections to be welded. The pipes that form the coil, are welded to the headers with the TIG method, the best available for this type of welding.

The coil, completely assembled, after a last test to the pressure of 34 Bar, is galvanized by immersion in a tank of melted zinc, the zinc deposit is superior at 80 microns (600 grs/m2 ), which grants an unlimited protection

Upon demand, is possible to construct the coil in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L according the requirements of our customers.

Also on request can be manufactured with various independent circuits for cooling fluid without contact between them.

For each independent circuit capacity is calculated according the project requirements, specifications and physical properties of the fluid in question.

The most prominent applications refer to the refrigeration gases condensation or cooling of different fluids with different applications, hydraulic oils, emulsions, oils, brines... thus avoiding the need for separate teams for each fluid

All coils manufactured by TEVA are according to the European Directive of Pressure Equipment (PED 97/23/EC).

External casing

With panels in think sheet steel, hot-dip galvanized of great thickness, assembled and sealed for water-tightness.

For maintenance operations, the casing is equipped with wide access doors.

External protection of all the external components by removing the oil and photosphatizing cycles applying an epoxy covering bottom and two coating of epoxy enamels, duly provided for the protection of equipment exposed to atmospheric contaminant.

Centrifugal pump for water recirculation

With cast iron body and impeller and mechanical seals, is contained inside the ventilation box to minimize the noise level. The three-phase electric motor, directly coupled, enclosed, with outside ventilation and IP-55 protection for outdoor operation.

The pump sucks water from the basin through a stainless steel filter of the anti-vortex type.

Water distribution system

Consisting by piping connection steel, joining the pump outlet to the plastic distribution headers. Rubber nozzles are of centrifugal type, easily removable. The distribution system allows uniform wetting of the coil, assuring a perfect scrubbing  of the surface and contributing to long-lasting efficiency.

A regulation shut-off valve, located on the impulsion pipe, allows to maintain a constant purge of the water safeguards against concentration of salts in the water.

Drift Eliminator

They are made of PVC sheet embossed vacuum profile especially designed to minimize drift of water with 4 changes of direction and a low pressure drop.

Reinforced with thicker sheets to form lightweight and rigid sections. The droplet separator consists of easily manageable sections. This water drift is less than 0.001% of the total flow of recirculating water.

For extreme temperatures, can be provided a special version (ABS) with overprice. Also available in polypropylene (PP).

Fan section

Formed by one or two centrifugal fans of the double inlet type with forward curved blades, quiet running fan wheels, which are dynamically balanced and keyed on a rectified steel shaft and the self-aligning and lubrificated for life ball bearings.

The section is complete with:

  • Three phase electric motor, enclosed, fan cooled and with protection IP55 for outdoor operation, mounted on an easily adjustable base for belt tensioning.
  • Multi V-belt drive designed for not less the 150% of motor power.
  • V-belt guard for all rotation parts and the air inlet, made in perforated sheet hot dip galvanized steel.

Water basin

Made with panels in think sheet hot dip galvanized steel, screwed (without welding), assembled and sealed for water-tightness. The basin is designed with slope to facilitate easy cleaning and complete drain.

The basin is equipped with:

  • Drain and overflow connections
  • Make-up water connection complete with float valve (standard version).
  • Centrifugal pump for water recirculation


Cooling coil in stainless steelAvailable to the particularly corrosive fluid or to satisfy special application requirements. (See exchange coils)

Multi circuit cooling coil

Cooling coil with several circuits; in series, increasing the coil performance or independents of each other, what allows the simultaneous circulation of different fluids for the inside.

Electric water level control

Located on the basin replacing the float valve. This system consists in an electric float switch, mounted in tight box on the wall of the basin and a solenoid valve installed at the makeup water connection. (See accessory equipment)

Electric heater

To prevent freezing in the basin, in the cold climates, with water-tightness connections box for work in the open air. Complete with control thermostat and electric minimum level control of water. (See accessory equipment)

Chemical water treatment equipment

For those cases in that the water quality makes it advisable. With reagents and biocide dosage  (TEVABIO & TEVACRUS), bleeder drain control (TEVAPURG) and shunt filter (TEVAFILT). (See accessory equipment

Inverter control

For motors speed regulation, that substitutes the electric motors starter device and it provides a bigger energy saving. (See TEVACONTROL in accesory and equipment section).

Capacity control

Two single or double speed motors, and two complete drivers are available as an option in the RMC version. This allows reducing at 66%, 50% or 33% the cooling capacity, with this system increases the operation security, when excluding the contemporary mishap of the two motors

Oversized Motor

Motor oversized for additional pressure drops up to 100 Pa. that allows for ducting inlet and/or outlet air. (See accessory equipment)