The evaporative condensers of the series CVC has as main characteristic, the construction of the whole external surface, exposed to the polluting and aggressive agents, in unalterable material.

The CVC series is composed by 40 models, covering the range from115 to 1.878 nominal kW of capacity, being considered refrigerant R-717. Thanks to the reduced height, all the CVC models can be transported on standard trucks, without any special authorization.

With centrifugal fans of low sound level. These units, in their standard version, have all the elements producing of noise, (motors, fans and pump), inside a noise muffle camera, for what their sound level is particularly reduced.

For the particularly noise sensitive installations, the CVC evaporative condensers can be equipped with silencers on inlet and/or outlet air.

Corrosion free

Corrosion free

The urban and industrial areas polluted atmosphere increases the danger of corrosion for evaporative equipment. The use a type of GRP specifically designed for this application makes them impervious to atmospheric corrosion and drastically reduces the maintenance operations in the series CVC.

Single piece

Single piece

The external casing, included the fan volute, it is moulded in an entire piece, without flanges, screws, gaskets or anything else that can cause leakage. The GRP piece is internally reinforced, in order to warranty the maximum robustness.

Even if properly sealed at the factory, often evaporative condensers show leakage due to transportation and installation stresses. This can not happen to CVC evaporative condensers.

Low noise level

All the standard models of the CVC series have the fan section completely closed and isolated with sound absorbing material. In addition to the GPR material of the fan casing, this allows an exceptionally quite operation, smaller to the evaporative condensers made in sheet steel.

The fact of choosing ventilation sections with single ventilator which has a big diameter and low speed (two in the superior models) provides a silent working.

On request and for the installations that doesn’t need a special reduce noise, the CVC series is available without acoustic compartment.

Moreover the CVC evaporative condensers design makes is particularly easy to connect inlet and outlet air sound attenuators, for the particularly noise sensitive installations.

This possibility, on addition of its reduced height dimensions makes the CVC and ideal machine for urban facilities such as shopping centres, in indoor installations, or non-industrial locations where some discretion is required.

Easy maintenance

All evaporative condensers of the CVC version are furnished with the one or more access doors to make the works of cleaning and inspection easily.

The water header and the spray nozzles are snapped for pressure, without screws, flanges or other mechanisms, what allows their inspection and cleaning without using tool.

batería de intercambio

Cooling coil formed by prime quality continuous serpentine smooth tubing, thickness 1.5 mm, bent and afterwards individually tested with air to high pressure under water, which ensures a rigorous tightness. The serpentines are assembled with the interposition of steel elements as spacers stiffening the unit.

The headers are provided with fluid inlet/outlet connections to be welded. The pipes that form the coil, are welded to the headers with the TIG method, the best available for this type of welding.

The coil, completely assembled, after a last test to the pressure of 34 Bar, is galvanized by immersion in a tank of melted zinc, the zinc deposit is superior at 80 microns (600 grs/m2 ), which grants an unlimited protection

Upon demand, is possible to construct the coil in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L according the requirements of our customers.

Also on request can be manufactured with various independent circuits for cooling fluid without contact between them.

For each independent circuit capacity is calculated according the project requirements, specifications and physical properties of the fluid in question.

The most prominent applications refer to the refrigeration gases condensation or cooling of different fluids with different applications, hydraulic oils, emulsions, oils, brines... thus avoiding the need for separate teams for each fluid

All evaporative condenser coils manufactured by TEVA are according to the European Directive of Pressure Equipment (PED 97/23/EC).

External casing

Made in prime quality Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), formed by a single piece that includes the water basin, heat exchange section and the fan casing, this avoids any possibility of leakage to screwed junction.

The finest quality Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) formed on mould is is further reinforced internally to ensure maximum strength of the whole.

The gel coat external finish is of great hardness and the internal surface is covered by a

raincoat resin (Top Coat).

For the inspection and cleaning, wide and easy access doors have been foreseen.

The section is equipped with flanged connections for hot water inlet and could water outlet with anti-vortex filter in stainless steel. The section is completed with: man-hole inspection door, also in GPR, drain and overflow connections, make-up water connection complete with float valve in stainless steel.

The set is complete with:

  • Non-vortex filter, with stainless steel mesh, generously sized.
  • Drain and overflow connections
  • Connection for water intake, equipped with float valve
  • Man-hole inspection door, also in polyester

An internal baffle protects the float valve and overflow output of the movements of water on the surface of the basin, ate the same time distributing air evenly across the entire surface of the coil.

Centrifugal pump for water recirculation

With cast iron body and impeller and mechanical seals, is contained inside the ventilation box to minimize the noise level. The three-phase electric motor, directly coupled, enclosed, with outside ventilation and IP-55 protection for outdoor operation. The pump sucks water from the basin through a stainless steel filter of the anti-vortex type.

Water distribution system

Consisting of connection piping in PVC, joining the pump outlet to the plastic distribution headers. Rubber nozzles are of centrifugal type, easily removable. The distribution system allows uniform wetting of the coil, assuring a perfect scrubbing of the surface and contributing to long-lasting efficiency. A regulation shut-off valve, located on the impulsion pipe, allows to maintain a constant purge of the water safeguards against concentration of salts in the water.

Fan section

Completely covered with polyester panels of high quality and enclosed in an acoustic box formed with GPR panels easy to dismantle and recovered internally by acoustic absorbent material to attenuate the fan and motor noise level.

The centrifugal fan, made in galvanized steel is of the double inlet type, and with forward curved blades and balanced statically and dynamically.

The fan wheel is painted by electrocoating which gives a high degree of protection and corrosion resistance even in contact with chemicals.

The fan impeller is mounted on a steel rectified shaft with supports for self-aligning ball bearings lubricated for life.

The belt drive shall be projected at least for 150% of the motor power. The pulleys are supplied with an external protection based on two-component paint with rust preventive properties.

In the bigger models which require two fans, the union between shafts is performed by elastic coupling consisting of two coupling hubs or flanges of steel high strength and one elastic polyurethane element wear resistant to chemicals and water steam

The new elastic coupling system has numerous advantages respect to other coupling system such as cardan joints:

  • Long life
  • No maintenance. . No lubrication needed
  • Easy assembly and disassembly. Its design allows quick and easy replacement of the elastic element
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduction of vibrations, thereby lengthening the life of the bearings
  • High tolerance to misalignment

Scroll fan, also constructed of GRP is welded to the condenser body in one piece, with air inlet on one side which facilitates the placement of pipes or silencers air intake.

The three phase electric motor is of closed type, with outside ventilation and IP55 protection (UNEL 05515), mounted on an easily adjustable base for belt tensioning.

Capacity control

Two single or double speed motors, and two complete drivers are available as an option in the CVC version. This allows reducing at 66%, 50% or 33% the cooling capacity, with this system increases the operation security, when excluding the contemporary mishap of the two motors.

Drift Eliminator

The drift eliminators is made in PVC vacuum formed sheet of a special shape capable to minimize the water carryover with a limited air pressure drop and duly glued together with reinforced sheet in the same material, to form rigid sections easily removable to give access to the water distribution system. The particular design is such as to force the air flow to four change of route, which makes a high efficiency of retention greater than 0.001 % of circulating water.



Electric water level control

Located in the basin replacing the float valve. This system consists in an electric float switch, mounted in tight box on the wall of the basin and a solenoid valve installed at the makeup water connection. (See accessory equipment)

Electric heater

To prevent freezing in the basin, in the cold climates, with water-tightness connections box for work in the open air. Complete with control thermostat and electric minimum level control of water. (See accessory equipment)

Chemical water treatment equipment

For those cases in that the water quality makes it advisable. With reagents and biocide dosage (TEVABIO & TEVACRUS), bleeder drain control (TEVAPURG) and shunt filter (TEVAFILT). (See accessory equipment)

Inverter control

For motors speed regulation, that substitutes the electric motors starter device and it provides a bigger energy saving. (See TEVACONTROL in accessory and equipment section).


On the inlet and / or outlet (See accessory equipment)

Capacity control

Two single or double speed motors, and two complete drivers are available as an option in the CVC version. This allows reducing at 66%, 50% or 33% the cooling capacity, with this system increases the operation security, when excluding the contemporary mishap of the two motors

Oversized Motor

Motor oversized for additional pressure drops up to 100 Pa. that allows for ducting inlet and/or outlet air. (See accessory equipment)

Additional door -register in the outlet silencer

The silencers sited on the outlet air, includes a door-register, in order to access, check and replace the drift eliminator or others elements that can be damaged. Upon request, it is possible to supply the silencer with an additional door in the opposite side where is the standard door.(See accessory equipment)