The new TVAP series is part of the old TVA series, manufatured during almost 40 years, without metallic structure.

The serie has been extended and completed with new models that allows reach to get a heat rejection power until 2.700 kW just with one device and with a design dimensions suitable to be transported in a container, which make them ideals for export.

To date, the towers manufactured in GRP, were of reduced dimensions or formed of several pieces assembled between them with a metallic structure or without it. The wet section of the new TVAP series, composed by the water basin, heat exchange section and the water distribution section are formed by a single piece without any kind of union.

The TVAP series has been designed with the specific function to guarantee, above all in industrial aplications, a continuous service during a long lifespan with very reduced maintenance cost.

Corrosion free

Corrosion free

The urban and industrial areas polluted atmosphere increases the danger of corrosion for evaporative equipment. The use a type of GRP specifically designed for this application makes them impervious to atmospheric corrosion and drastically reduces the maintenance operations.

The TVAP, built entirely in GRP, and given the particularity of the absence of unions screwed and / or metal parts or joints make this tower as the most resistant to corrosion of the market.

No transmision

In the TVAP version the impellers are directly coupled to special electric motors, low speed motors specially designed for work in these conditions. No maintenance is therefore required and there are no risks of belts breaking. The electric box connection is transferred outside the cooling tower.

High efficiency

The axial fans are formed by adjustable pitch blades, manufactured in glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG) which is highly resistant to abrasion, and hub in cast aluminium.

The blades air foil profile provides a high efficiency with a low noise level.

The aerodynamic fan cylinder, moulded in GRP, contributes to improve the efficiency.


The “wet section” of TVAP series, including the basin, the wet deck surface and the water distribution system, is absolutely moulded in a single piece without any connections, screws, gaskets or anything else that can cause water leakage. So, its watertightness is absolute.

Besides, on the inside is finished with “Top-coat” guarantying total protection against the hygroscopicity.

Easy maintenance

All cooling towers of the TVAP version is furnished with the one or more access doors to make the periodic works of cleaning and inspection easily.

The water header and the spray nozzles are snapped for pressure, without screws, flanges or other mechanisms, what allows their inspection and cleaning without using tool.

The design of the air intake grids is such that makes easy to take out for access. This grid type prevents the entrance of the strange bodies, the water splash on the outside and also prevents the sunlight entrance, hindering the algae growing or other micro organisms proliferation.

Induced draft fan

Induced draft fan

The axial fan in TVA cooling towers is situated in downstream of the air flow, it operates in suction, allowing a uniform flow of air through the filling. The air inlet is at the four sides, and therefore not influenced by the wind direction. Hot and humid air recirculation, the main factor for capacity reduction of evaporative cooling equipment, is limited by the high discharge velocity of the induced fans.

Easy transport - Containerized

Easy transport - Containerized

The TVAP series cooling towers contain within its range, models designed with adequate size to be easily transported and reducing costs in a standard or high cube container, which excludes the use of expensive special transports.

The towers are supplied absolutely assembled and the bigger models in two sections. The assembly operation is simply the superposition of the two sections and their fixation with screws.

Filling Types

As the conditions of the water to be cooled are different, the TVAP towers can be equipped with different types of filling:

Standard filling - TEVAFILM

Standard filling - TEVAFILM

The standard filling (TEVAFILM) is made with specially designed, vacuum formed PVC sheets duly glued together.

The particular configuration resulting is such as to optimize the turbulence of the air and water flows, increasing the evaporating effect, with a minimum air pressure drop. The fill sections have maximum dimensions of mm. 1200 x 300 x 300 which allows their easy handling and replacement.

The PVC material employee is self-extinguishing, completely free from any risk of corrosion or biological attack and keeps the requirements of Standard 136 of the CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) as much in mechanical properties as in flammability

The maximum hot water temperature for this type of filling is 50 ° C (Vicat softening point), tolerates temperature peaks up to 55 ºC (melting point).

Also are available filling films in polypropylene (PP) for cases with temperatures up to 80 º C.

Splash filling - TEVAPLASH

Splash filling - TEVAPLASH

For very dirty water and/or at high temperature, TGA towers can be equipped with a special splash filling (TEVAPLASH) with a high self-cleaning effect, which never gets clogged.

This sort of filling is made of small polypropylene plates set up one against the other and joined by a frame of the same material. Since these are pieces obtained by injection, they are 2-3 mm. thick which provides them a great mechanical resistance. The frame is assembled together in a mechanical way making up blocks of 600 x 300 x 300 mm.

The special layout of the plates, give to this sort of filling a high retention effect to water drops free fall end, subsequently, a longer time of contact between them and air flow.

External casing

Made up of pieces moulded in isophtalic polyester reinforced with fibber-glass (GRP), self-supporting, without metallic structure corrosion-sensitive. The external finish is to great hardness Gel-Coat and the internal surface is covered by a raincoat resin.

The casing is completed with one or several inspection doors for control and for easy access to the inside of the tower if necessary.

Water basin

Entirely made in GRP on mould, forming an entire piece with no screwed junction joints which may eventually cause water leakage.

The basin is equipped with: water outlet connection with GRP anti-vortex filter and stainless steel mesh. Drain and overflow connections. Make-up water connection with float valve.


Axial type (From 1 to 3 depending on models) with carefully balanced impeller formed by adjustable pitch blades with high efficiency airfoil profile, moulded in a special glass reinforced polypropylene which is highly resistant to abrasion and hub in cast aluminium. The fan cylinder is moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP); it has an aerodynamic shape and a cone with diverging outlet so that some of the dynamic pressure can be picked up.

The impeller is directly coupled to a three phase electric motor, Q (IC418) type, with IPW55 protection (EN 60034-5), stainless steel screws, electric connection box transferred outside the cooling tower and with heating resistances to avoid condensations, specially designed to work in cooling towers.

Relleno de intercambio

De tipo laminar en la versión standard y de goteo para aplicaciones en agua particularmente sucias y/o temperaturas elevadas. (Ver tipos de relleno).

Water distribution system

Formed by the main distribution header in hot-dip galvanized after fabrication steel with side headers in PVC (for high temperatures also available in PP). The nozzles, with large diameter hole to prevent clogging, are centrifugal type in rubber. All the nozzles can be very easily removed to be inspected.

Drift Eliminator

Drift Eliminator

They are made of PVC sheet embossed vacuum profile especially designed to minimize drift of water with 4 changes of direction and a low pressure drop.

Are reinforced with thicker sheets to form lightweight and rigid sections. The droplet separator consists of easily manageable sections. This water drift is less than 0.001% of the total flow of recirculating water.

For extreme temperatures, can be provided a special version (ABS) with overprice. Also available in polypropylene eliminators (PP).

Air intake grids

Made up of PVC moulded sheets glued, contained in a stainless steel frames in such that easy removal for access. This grid type preventing the entrance the strange bodies, spurting on the outside and the sunlight hindering the algae or other micro organisms proliferation.

Blend valve

In each one of the inlet connections water, to prevent salt concentration.

Air exhaust grids

To protect each fan, made with frame and mesh in hot dip galvanized after fabrication steel.


Optional Supplies

Electric water level control

Located in the basin remplacing the float valve. This system consists in an electric float switch, mounted in tight box on the wall of the basin and a solenoid valve installed at the makeup water connection. (See accessory equipment)

Electric heater

To prevent freezing in the basin, in the cold climates, with water-tightness connections box for work in the open air. Complete with control thermostat and electric minimum level control of water. (See accessory equipment)

Chemical water treatment equipment

For those cases in that the water quality makes it advisable. With reagents and biocide dosage  (TEVABIO & TEVACRUS), bleeder drain control (TEVAPURG) and shunt filter (TEVAFILT). (See accessory equipment)

Inverter control

For motors speed regulation, that substitutes the electric motors starter device and it provides a bigger energy saving. (See TEVACONTROL in accessory and equipment section).

Electric motors with acid protection paint

For superior care of the motors working in the extremely aggressive environ.

Supplementary inspection doors

For those occasions when the requirements of installation makes necessary to modify the situation and/or the number of the inspection doors.

Stainless steel components

Main distribution header and internal supports of filling, drift eliminator and motor in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316.