Ice tank

Energy storage systems in the form of latent heat represent important savings for the general industry and for the air conditioning sector by reducing the peak loads of the installations.

Nowadays, both in refrigeration, air conditioning or industrial processes, the cost and saving of electrical energy is a key point in their design. The accumulation of energy with TevaGel in off-peak hours helps its viability and sustainability.

The use of energy storage supose, in addition to energy savings, another great advantage, the need for less refrigeration equipment since it is not necessary to select it for the maximum load. The same happens in existing installations where a new chiller with greater capacity will not always be necessary to expand its capacity.

The TEVA-Gel series consists of a complete automatic system that allows the control of the amount of ice to be formed according to the demand for cold, acting on the refrigeration group and thus reducing the operating hours of the compressor.

The homogeneous melting of the ice is guaranteed thanks to an ascending air injection system from the bottom of the tank.

The TevaGel storage tank has adequate thermal insulation and is entirely built with fiberglass-reinforced polyester (GRP) in one piece without joints or screwed joints, thus avoiding any risk of water leakage or oxidation over of time. In addition, all the necessary reinforcements are made with pultruded GRP profiles, lacking metallic or conductive elements or reinforcements that can give rise to a thermal bridge and present condensation on its external surface.

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